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The last time we caught up with Duncan Hsia, the world was grappling with the COVID-19 lockdown. He had recently started his mortgage company, Infinite Financial, and he and his wife had just had their first child. Fast forward to today, and his company has grown to encompass 9 loan officers and 5 support staff, expanded its service offerings, and Duncan has even celebrated the birth of their second child.

Living up to the company's name, Duncan has consistently devised innovative ways to finance real estate through alternative methods such as the All-in-One loan, reverse mortgages, and cash value life insurance.
“We close a lot of loans other loan officers can’t, and we make a lot of customers very happy, as evidenced by our numerous reviews on Google, Yelp, and Zillow,” Duncan said. “We also create long-term clients for our agent partners, as our system empowers clients to accumulate significant buying power using credit lines against their home equity or life insurance cash value."

Duncan actually obtained his life insurance license 5 years ago and named his company after the Infinite Banking Concept, because he knew it was a great way to finance real estate and other investments. The robust mortgage business over the last few years forced him to focus there, so he ended up putting the life insurance business on hold. But this year presented the perfect opportunity to finally expand it.

“We can help clients obtain cash value life insurance, whether it’s whole life for Infinite Banking, Index Universal Life for more aggressive cash value accumulation or Premium Financing to leverage cash value growth. Clients can then borrow from their cash value at great rates to finance real estate and other investments very tax efficiently, and keep their cash value compounding while enjoying asset protection, privacy, and legacy preservation,” he explained.

In addition to expanding his business, Duncan has launched a video marketing campaign to educate people on the economic factors behind the moves in the mortgage interest rate and real estate markets. He also shares insights on cutting-edge technology like ChatGPT and other AI tools and has recently developed an online course on leveraging ChatGPT for business.

“I coded AI over 35 years ago at the same college Elon Musk attended, so you could say AI runs through my veins,” he said. “I love how ChatGPT can help you transform your business. It really can help you leverage your time in so many ways.” His Wharton education further equips him to integrate technology effectively into the business realm.
Duncan is so into AI right now that he even started the Honolulu ChatGPT Meetup group, so he could geek out about ChatGPT with other AI enthusiasts. “I have met some amazing people through this group,” he said.

Duncan remains committed to exploring every avenue that can help his business better serve clients. Currently, that involves using AI tools to maximize productivity on his team and leveraging video to educate people about the “Infinite Financial System.” His mission from the beginning has been to “provide a full Infinite Financial System, not only with outside-the-box ways to close real estate deals with all kinds of mortgage financing but also with an awesome system to set clients up on a path to financial security.”

A prime example of Duncan's ability to achieve the seemingly impossible is his own home purchase just two years ago:
“It was in escrow with two backup offers when we found it, so we lucked out,” he explained. “The listing agent told me that her VA guy who does all her VA loans insisted we couldn’t do what we were doing, and even the VA underwriter told me we couldn’t do what we were doing – for a different reason. Fortunately, I was able to point out to each the VA guidelines showing how we could do what we were doing, and we were able to close successfully with happy parties all around.”
Duncan and his wife, Ashley, live across from Kahala Mall with their two children, Lucien and Cassian. Living so close to the mall, they spend a lot of time there – Lucian loves running around all the stores, and the workers all know him. They even have a couple of ads there with family photos. Duncan and Ashley are in full kid mode right now, so they also spend a lot of time at the park, beach, aquarium, museums, and other family-oriented places.

Ashley and a business partner are launching a nursing home, so they’re renovating their house with a nursing home downstairs and their residence and a new mortgage/life insurance office upstairs.

“My goal is to grow all three businesses to maximize the number of people that we’re able to help. I’m addicted to the gratitude expressed by those we assist. I also hope to pass on a great legacy to our kids and give them infinite opportunities to succeed in life,” said Duncan.

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