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Henedina was raised in Maui since she was 3 years old. She has a very big family that is very close, all residing in Maui. She has been married to her husband, Warren, for 35 Years. They have (3) adult sons: Joe, Daniel, and Michael.

Her son, Joe, and his wife, Rizza, have blessed her with (3) granddaughters: Rylie, Ariyah, Kaiyah

Henedina has enjoyed a multi-faceted career in Finance.

She started the Mortgage industry in 2001 as a Loan Processor with no experience but a Willingness to Learn and Help People achieve their home buying dreams.

Henedina realized she found her career calling when she got introduced to the world of Mortgages. She learned the business quickly and within a few years, she got promoted to Management and Sales with a Mortgage Brokerage in Maui.

In 2005, she managed a Mortgage Office Team of 20 Individuals working in the Sales, Processing and Office Management Depts. Her love was training and leading the Sales Force Team to understand guidelines and how to work with their clients so they could provide the best mortgage solutions.

In late 2006, Henedina moved to the Big Island of Hawaii with her family and eventually took a break from mortgages in 2009. They moved back to Maui in 2012 after becoming grandparents.

Fast forward to 2018, Henedina came back to the Mortgage Industry. Prior to returning to mortgages, she acquired her Life Insurance and Health Insurance License so she could educate more people about the protection that Insurance offers, which she continues to do as it complements her Mortgage education and services.

Henedina’s joy for Teaching and Empowering people, led her to professions that involved education and finding right solutions for her clients, which is what continues to drive her.

Henedina believes that her key to success is her love for people and what she does. She loves educating people and helping

them grow or improve--both in their business and their lives.

Henedina’s hobbies or activities of interest are: Stand Up Paddling, Spending Time with Family and Friends and Traveling with her husband.

Her WHY is: To travel the world with her husband doing Volunteer Work and Providing practical assistance to help people improve their lives.

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