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Returning to her grandmother’s birthplace and her family’s roots, Kristina Steuer and her husband, Kai, reside in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island with their baby, Kaileia.

After leaving New York City and their Wall Street careers in 2015, Kristina now works as a Mortgage Loan Officer at Infinite Financial in Honolulu. Prior to joining, Kristina was a natural gas broker for 7 years at GFI Group on Wall Street. She was among GFI’s top sales producers and quickly rose to senior broker. Her client list included top energy companies: Exxon, BP, Shell, NextEra Energy and ConocoPhillips. After the company was taken over by a competitor, Kristina and Kai knew it was time to make a change and traded the fast paced, high stress lifestyle for Hawaiian beaches.

Upon arriving to Oahu, Kristina joined Associa Hawaii as a property manager with a portfolio of 11 Oahu communities. Working with condominium associations and HOA’s taught Kristina how to navigate Hawaii State HOA compliance and building codes. Due to her sales and marketing experience, Kristina was promoted to Director of Business Development. In her new role Kristina was responsible for growing Associa’s diverse portfolio of clients and communities across all Islands. In 2018, she was named one of the top sales professionals across Associa nationwide, signing over 113 new associations for a total of 19,000+ residential, commercial and resort units.

Kristina brings her background of finance, marketing & property management to the mortgage lending industry. She believes working as a loan officer is the perfect marriage of her past careers. She understands all aspects that a homeowner may be facing and most importantly, the Hawaii market. Kristina is eager to help Hawaii residents obtain their homeownership dream. She goes above and beyond to ensure each transaction is smooth, timely, and done with Aloha.

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